Top Qualities: Great results, personable, creative

“I’ve worked with Kathy Compton in different projects for more than a year now and I must say that Kathy is a true copywriter craftsman. I have time and time again sent her truly horrible texts and some vague directions and then she turned ashes into gold. That combined with quick response times and a wonderful sense of humor makes working with Kathy a pleasure.”

-Peter von Lochow, Head of Marketing, tretton37


“OMG, I love your website. Please keep in touch.”

-Michele McCarthy, Co-author of “Software For Your Head” and “Dynamics of Software Development” by Microsoft Press


“Having worked with Kathy on the content for Jayway’s website, I found her to be both quick and reliable in gathering and creating honest, high quality content. She worked directly with all of our (10+) team leads, and was able to communicate accurately what Jayway does even without possessing the domain knowledge in the numerous fields in which we serve our clients. She was able to pin down the desired tone we were looking for and at every step fielded for criticism and feedback in order to deliver the highest quality content. She is a true craftsman at copywriting, taking it very seriously and is also a lot of fun to work with. She always has a smile ready. She is my first choice as a copywriter and I look forward to working with Kathy in the future.”

-Charlotta Skogman, Head of Marketing, Jayway


“Kathy is our organization’s voice and she knows how to convey our message through the social media jungle! Kathy takes all challenges as an opportunity to learn new things which makes her very open minded and an interesting person to work with. Kathy is very easy and pleasant to work with. She makes sensible choices, she is creative and organised I could not find a better colleague!”

– Emily Holweck, Creative conference organizer, Øredev


I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Kathy over the years, often in high-pressure situations, and have found her to be invariably conscientious and responsible.  She excels at quickly determining, and responding to, clients’ varying needs, and they appreciate the warmth and vibrancy she brings to the process.  No matter the circumstance, she remains sleek and self-contained, and I’m always delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with her.  You’re in very good hands with Kathy.

-Victoria Dunham, Cakewalk


“I will say that it is a joy to work with Kathy. She always has a great idea to inspire me and she is fast, even though sometimes it’s not what I really had in mind, but her ideas are somehow unexpected and somehow fun, many times they generate new angles to our brainstorm sessions. I will also say that Kathy is a cool writer. We worked together with jayway.com, she helped make our text more readable, less formal and easy to understand. She took on the challenge and replied with a series of cool writings. I feel confident to ask her help with copywriting; she listens, she delivers and she is quick.”

– Binh Tu, Graphic and User Experience designer, Jayway


“Your website looks tight these days.”

-Marita José Delgado, lawyer, extraordinary human and friend


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